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Foundations UK delivers programmes that help all those affected by obesity and eating disorders

How do we do this? We deliver successful, innovative, and holistic programmes that help people find a sustainable way to achieve a healthy weight. We encourage people to make real changes to their health rather than being the passive recipients of the health service.

What is our objective? To benefit the individual, the community and society by empowering people to improve their understanding of healthy living and inspiring others to do the same.

What health areas do we cover? We address the full range of health issues that are related to being overweight including depression, diabetes and low self esteem.  We give hope to women whose obesity is related to infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  We blend a sound medical understanding of the condition with a therapeutic approach to each individual's well-being.

Who do we focus on? We focus on those whose wellbeing is affected by disordered eating. Research shows that obesity is more pronounced within disadvantaged groups adversely affecting their life opportunites and all apects of their health. For babies, children and young adults obesity has a devastating effect on every aspect of their lives. That is why we have special programmes for pregnant women and new mothers as well as children and young people.


“What you eat, your relationship with food and your attitude to exercise... all these things give you a healthy foundation for the rest of your life.”

“I have been meeting with a Foundations’ mentor who is a qualified counsellor to talk about my binge-eating. She is someone I can trust and she has given me hope and confidence. She has given me a far greater understanding of myself, in a way that I could never have done alone.”

Learn about Eating Disorders and what Foundations UK can do to help.   

Eating Disorders Video